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HR with a dash of Legal has a special interest in the Healthcare sector -
including:  Physiotherapy; Podiatry;
Osteopaths; Dental; and Medical;

"refreshingly pragmatic"

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You know you need help!  
Legal compliance is something you never get around to.  You're still using employment contracts that are years old and you are not across the relevant employment law that applies to you.  You may be exposed to a legal claim from the Fair Work Ombudsman, Workcover, the Australian Taxation Office, or even a current or former staff member.

The Top 5 Problems I've just helped businesses with:

  1. Are your independent contractors really employees?
  2. Are you paying your people correctly?
  3. Do you have up to date employment contracts and policies in place?
  4. How do you exit your problem employee lawfully?
  5. How do you get your staff to do what they need to do? 


I'll work with you to understand your problem and devise a solution that  is practical and simplifies the complexities of employment law.

About us

"Refreshingly pragmatic"

                                                         Elisé Burch    

                                                         Elisé Burch    

Elisé Burch is an employment lawyer-human resources expert and the founder of HR with a dash of Legal.   Elisé is a qualified lawyer with a personal touch.  

After 20 years of invaluable experience gained in the corporate sector, Elisé succumbed to the entrepreneurial bug and commenced her own business.  

Elisé provides the confidential sounding board you need, that helping hand when you're in a tight spot.   You now have easy access to an employment lawyer and human resources' professional.

Your people issues are effectively taken care of – hiring to firing and everything in between!  Elisé provides you with a tailored solution that works for you. 

Contact HR with a dash of Legal today - Elisé is the partner you need for your employment law and people issues.  

You’ll find HR with a dash of Legal refreshingly pragmatic, because Elisé:

  • is an enabler not a door stopper
  • provides solutions not impediments
  • is responsive
  • communicates clearly and concisely
  • keeps you informed
  • listens
  • genuinely cares about you and your matter 
  • sets costs that are not through the roof – fixed fee or hourly rate
  • provides independent thinking
  • has a moral compass
  • focuses on outcomes not activities
  • has an eye on long term value not just short term efficiency
  • is a diffuser not an inflamer


Elisé can discuss your business needs in person, via email or phone.


Elisé works with discerning and motivated business owners who engage Elisé and trust her to get the job done.  


Whilst Elisé works predominantly with businesses, Elisé also works with individuals and understands that sometimes things aren't going so well and you're not sure what to do.   You feel like you’ve got nowhere to turn.  You don’t feel that there’s anyone in your workplace that you can confide in or trust.  You may be on the cusp of lodging a complaint or you're the recipient of one.  

Or perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your working life and not sure of you’re next step.  You don’t know where to start.  That’s where Elisé can help.  

Elisé can meet with you to understand your situation and provide options for a clear pathway forward.  


"Elisé provides a unique service to HR Directors. It is rare to get advice and research that has equally considered the legal and HR perspectives. Her work has enabled me to make smarter decisions on topics I previously would not have been able to tackle."  
Meahan Callaghan, Former Group HR Director, SEEK Limited
"Elisé brought a different perspective, a strong staff focus and a sense of fun to the leadership team.  All have been much appreciated."
"I love the challenging dialogue you have brought to the leadership team (you are streets ahead of the rest)."
"Elisé you showed incredible leadership in the toughest of times - it's so great to have you on the team.  Many thanks for your hard work and tenacity."
"Elisé, you deliver your best performance when you are influencing leaders, guiding them with what's the right course of action and "mediating" between employee and manager. You have a very strong moral compass re what's "right and wrong" and people trust you. You also deliver your best performance when working through tricky case management - particularly from a legal perspective. You have a great way of considering all the options and coming to the right course of action or the right conclusion on things and you lead others through your thinking and take them with you."

As an employee within a large organization, I recently encountered the need for independent workplace advice, separate to that provided by internal HR resources. I considered it important that any advice came from a perspective of both relationship management as well as legal compliance. Elisé's approach recognized the sensitivities that can accompany a workplace dispute, whilst also providing sound pragmatic advice that contributed an effective and favourable outcome to the matter.

Elisé has a unique approach in helping others to realise their true potential.  Her patience, knowledge and understanding shines through and allows you to gain an optimal result!
I sought Elisé's expertise after feeling quite lost and disillusioned regarding future career options.
Following our session I felt empowered to make an appropriate choice and now I am working in a job I love!


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